Taking guitar manufacture as an art form to a new level


Robson Guitars are manufactured in the North East of England producing the highest standard range of instruments using the finest hardware: “Taking guitar manufacture as an art form to a new level”.

Drawing on our pride of the rich industrial and cultural heritage of our region, each model is expertly constructed by a team of dedicated precision engineers and craftsmen of the highest order.


With over 20 years working as senior engraver at James Purdey & Sons of London, Greg Goodwillie creates the hand engraved features that define the Robson guitar range. Greg’s reputation for services to his craft recently recognised by his being made a Freeman of the City of London.


The quality and beauty of Robson Guitars is the culmination of hundreds of hours of planning and labour. We provide players with instruments of great beauty, stunning sounds and the joy of owning a piece of art in which is vested the skill and integrity of its makers.