The industrial heritage of the North East has been greatly influential in world development

Guiding Light

Our city and the surrounding region is historically recognised as a hotbed of cultural and engineering innovation. Robson guitars are proud to accept the baton from our forebears and carry on this tradition.

The instantly recognisable miners lamp, invented by Dr Clanny of Sunderland. this improvement on the original lamp was the saviour of many coal miners’ lives.

Thank you to Stephen Walton for the illustration of the Clanny Lamp.


Situated within half a mile of our workshops, the historic Penshaw Monument can be seen for more than 50 miles away from Sunderland.

On sight of the monument, locals returning from a long journey know they are nearly home.

Credit to rjx_media for the image of Penshaw Monument.

Driving Force

The Sunderland-built Doxford Marine Engine. In its heyday, two thirds of all ships afloat had these engines installed.

Sunderland was once the largest ship building town in the world.

In the mid-nineteenth century two-thirds of all ships built in the UK were constructed on the banks of the River Wear.